Coral Reef

Long Live Corals

Dongsha Atoll, Taiwan | Photo By Dr. Jani Tanzil, Dr. Lee Jen Nie

Corals can be found in many parts of the ocean. Some live in warm, shallow, tropical seas while others live in the cold, deep seas. Similar to tree trunks, corals reflect the condition of the ocean that they live in through their growth rings. Cross-sections of the corals allow researchers to determine their age, which can range back to 5,000 – 10,000 years ago! This study is known as sclerochronology.

Fret not! Coring of the corals does not put harm to the animal itself. Furthermore, the hole is then plugged with marine cement and allows the coral to overgrow the plug within a few years.

Ocean Hope Message: By  studying the past events that have happened in the ocean, we can prepare ourselves in better protecting and conserving our marine ecosystems for the future. In other words, learn from history for a greater present and future!

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