The Fishy Fish

Hippocampus kuda | Yellow Seahorse | Kuda Laut  | Photo By Profesor Dr. Mohd. Effendy Bin Abd. Wahid

Seahorses are far different than the horses that we see galloping on land. In fact, they are actually a type of fish!

It takes just one glance at a seahorse to realize that aside from its angular head, they do not have any more features in common with the land horses.  Seahorses are a type of fish, it is not your typical fish, and there are many characteristics that make seahorses unique.

For instance, instead of being covered in scales like most bony fishes, seahorses are covered in bony plates that help protect it like an armor! But that isn’t all. When seahorses are born, they are hatched by their dads instead of by their moms. This not only makes them different from other fish, but also sets them apart from other animals, both on land and in the ocean.

Ocean Hope Message: The destruction of seagrass habitats in the ocean greatly threatens their populations. Coastal developments must always be carried out responsibly in order to protect these unique and amazing creatures.

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