Red doesn't always mean danger

Gracilaria sp.| Red algae | Kerabu Sare | Photo by Dr. Suvik Assaw

Red does not always mean danger – At least, not in seaweeds. In fact, red seaweeds are exceptionally beneficial for its medicinal properties!

Seaweeds are marine plant-like algae that can be found growing on the rocks at the shores. If you have ever encountered a slimy rock, you might have found an alga! Algae are categorized into three types: red, brown and green (mostly in freshwater). Red seaweed, in particular, are famous for their usage in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The antioxidant properties available in red seaweed makes it a valuable ingredient in skin-care products, whereas the antibacterial activities in it can accelerate wound healing and relieve pain. Furthermore, they are full of vitamins, minerals as well as fiber for growth.

Red seaweed is also known as Nori (sea vegetable) – the dried seaweed sheet used to make sushi rolls and onigiri. In Malaysia, red seaweed Gracilaria sp. are made into local salads called kerabu sare and can be found in Terengganu and Kelantan.

Were you aware of the healthy benefits and the delicious taste that our coastlines can offer?

Ocean Hope Message: Aside from their benefits to humans, they are also important as habitat to many small organisms. Hence, please source them responsibly and avoid over-exploitation.

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