How Many Giant Clam/s Can You Spot In This Photo?

Tridacna maxima | Giant Clam | Pulau Tioman | Photo by Yusri Yusof

The answer is THREE!

Giant clams are celebrated for their beauty due to their bright colors and pigmentation of their mantles. These patterns are created by the zooxanthellae, a type of algae that live symbiotically with the giant clams to provide nutrients via photosynthesis. In return, the algae is sheltered and protected by the clams, creating a mutualistic relationship!

Ocean Hope Message: The numbers of giant clams in the wild have been greatly reduced by overexploitation. If you ever encounter this giant clam in the coral reefs, please do not harvest them. Allow them to sustain their legacy because restocking giant clams could take up to 10 years.

Also, please do not litter at the beach because a polluted beach will disrupt the sand digging process of the parent clam for breeding.

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