This contest is organized as part of the Ocean Hope campaign to increase ocean literacy among Malaysians. It is hoped that by participating in this competition, contestants will start to learn more about the ocean. At the same time, the organizer would like to appreciate the RHB Islamic Bank customers who have supported the ocean harmony initiative. Contestants are also encouraged to visit our Ocean Hope Portal to learn more about the ocean and to find the updated information about this competition. More information about this contest is also available at our official social media. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @Diari Kampus Bio Marin UMT.


  1. The contest is open to all RHB Islamic new or existing customers.
  2. Contestants are required to have:

New and existing bank customers below 12 years old:

    • Have an existing active RHB Children Account-i or open a new Islamic Savings or Current Account (RHB Children Account-i).


New and existing bank customers 12 years old and above:

    • Have an existing active RHB Islamic Savings or Current Account or open a new account.
    • Are required to sign-up for the RHB VISA WWF Debit Card-i.

3. Contestants fit the categories below:


      1. Primary Student
      2. Secondary Student
      3. University/ College Student: Must hold an active student ID
      4. Open (Age 18 and above are eligible to participate in this category)

*Organisers (Ocean Hope team and judges) and RHB Bank employees including immediate family members (spouse, children, parents, siblings) are not eligible to participate in the contest. 

20 December 2020 Registration and submission begin
20 March 2021 Deadline for registration and submission of artwork
1 April 2021 – 6 April 2021 Online voting by public for Netizen’s Choice (For shortlisted contestants only)
14 April 2021 Ocean Art Competition 2.0 Winner Announcement

*Event dates are subject to change

  1. Accepted medium for drawing and/or painting: any medium such as colour pencil, carbon, charcoal, crayon, ink, marker, water-soluble paint, acrylic paint or etc.
  2. Digital drawings or digital processing of painting and colouring is not accepted.
  3. Artworks submitted must be recent and the original work of the artist.
  4. Artworks must be submitted with the title of artwork and date of production.
  5. Artworks submitted must be accompanied with a caption of the artwork that relates to the theme in less than 50 words.
  6. Drawing paper size: A3 ONLY
  7. Artworks must be genuinely done by the contestant.

All submissions received shall be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Interpretation and compliance to the theme
  2. Originality
  3. Creativity of the artist
  4. Overall impression of the art
  1. Each participant can only register and submit ONE artwork.
  2. Late registration and submission will not be accepted.
  3. Each contestant must provide name (similar with birth certificate or ID), contact number and address.
  4. Participants for categories 1, 2 and 3 are also required to provide the name of current institute (Primary School/ Secondary School/ University/ College) and student ID.
  5. In the entry form, participants above 12 years old must provide the RHB Islamic Bank Account Number and the WWFi card number.
  6. Participants below 12 years old must provide the RHB Islamic Bank Account Number.
  7. Entries that are correspond to the details below, will be disqualified:
    1. The bank account number is NOT an Islamic account.
    2. If the bank account number is Islamic but WITHOUT WWFi card for those 12 years old and above.

8. RHB Islamic Bank will validate all submissions both for the Islamic account and WWFi cards.
9. Artworks submitted that correspond to those mentioned below, will be disqualified:

    1. Artworks that infringe privacy of other people, copyright, trademarks, or any other legal rights.
    2. Artworks showing or promoting elements with obscene, vulgar, pornographic, hateful, threatening, sexist or discriminatory to any parties.
    3. Artworks that violate laws or regulations.
    4. Artworks that have entered or exhibited in any other competition at the national, regional, and international level.
    5. Artwork copied from an existing or published photo or image (including a painting, graphic, or advertisement) created by another person (act of plagiarism)

10. Artworks submitted will be selected by our judges and displayed on our Ocean Hope portal ( ) for public voting after it has been determined that they meet the requirements and rules. Our decision to display the submitted artwork will be final.
11. Submission of artwork will be done in online format. The artwork must be scanned clearly at a minimum of 150 dpi or in the highest optical resolution and submitted in PNG format.
12. Entries must be submitted before or on 20 March 2021 before 5.00 PM, by completing the application form at the link (
13. Each contestant must keep the original and physical form of artwork until the announcement of winners. Selected winners are required to submit each artwork by post/courier before prizes can be given.
14. We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions without any prior notice.
15. Judges will only evaluate entries which have been validated by RHB Islamic Bank.
16. All decision by judges is final. Any dispute will not be entertained.

Primary Student 1st Place: RM500.00
2nd Place: RM300.00
3rd Place: RM200.00
Consolation: RM50.00 x 5 Winners
Secondary Student 1st Place: RM700.00
2nd Place: RM500.00
3rd Place: RM300.00
Consolation: RM100.00 x 5 Winners
University/College 1st Place: RM1000.00
2nd Place: RM800.00
3rd Place: RM550.00
Consolation: RM200 x 5 Winners
(Age 18 and above are eligible to participate in this category)
1st Place: RM1500.00
2nd Place: RM1000.00
3rd Place: RM600.00
Consolation: RM150 x 2 Winners
Netizen’s Choice Voucher Slot Volunteer Program SEATRU x 1
(Prize awarded by SEATRU UMT) worth RM800
Consolation: Ocean books sponsored by Marina Club
UMT Vice Chancellor’s Choice RM1000.00 x 1 Winner
(Prize from Prof. Dato` Dr. Nor Aieni Haji Mokhtar, Vice Chancellor of UMT)

*All prizes will be paid directly into the RHB Islamic Bank Account of the winners except for the Netizen’s Choice and UMT Vice Chancellor’s Choice

  1. Selected winners for each category are required to submit each artwork physically as a proof of authenticity.
  2. Selected winners will be informed by organizers through our Ocean Hope portal. We will also personally inform the winners by email with the necessary information included.
  1. Selected entries will be eligible for Netizen’s Choice Award which will be voted by the public. Further instructions on the voting will be updated on the Ocean Hope portal.
  2. Voting are based on the number of interactions and likes received on post.
  3. Voting opens at 12 pm MYT on 28th March 2021.
  4. Voting closes at 5 pm MYT on 4th April 2021. Votes received outside this time are not accepted.
  1. By submitting, all contestants hereby agree and accept that the organizers of the OCEAN ART DRAWING CONTEST reserve the right to change, reproduce and/or use the submissions in any form it deems fit, such as for media communication, publicity, promotion, printing and publication purposes in any medium and format including Ocean Hope portal website, Marina Club or any other official media platforms owned by UMT.
  2. The original artworks submitted will not be returned to the contestants, and the copyright of the submitted artworks are automatically transferred to the Ocean Hope. The Ocean Hope may use the submitted artworks as a display at any locations including (but not restrict to) museums or in any events related to ocean literacy. The artworks submitted also may be used or sold as a bid in order to get more funding to be used in the Ocean Hope campaigns. Artist of these artworks will be acknowledged by Ocean Hope.
  3. Please refrain from inquiring about the result of the competition before the announcement.
  4. Participants age 18 and below need to have the permission of a guardian before applying.
  5. Personal information submitted by the contestants will be used strictly in connection to the competition only.
  6. The awarding of a prize may be rescinded even after the announcement of winners has been made, if the entered design work is identical or similar to a design work which has already been made public and/or the design work infringes on the intellectual property rights of a third party/person (including cases in which the infringement rights happen after the application).
  7. The design work must not be made public without the consent of the organizer.
  8. If there are any matters which are not described in this application guideline and arrangements need to be made, the organizer will make the decision.